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Challenges that only African founders understand

Getting Your First 1,000 Users

A classic problem with an African twist. Learn fast tricks to get your first 1,000 users through telecom partnerships, roadside hustle and other techniques that work well in Africa.

Market Research

Market research is a big stumbling block since a lot of statistics are misleading or interpretted along Western standards. Learn how founders in Ghana, Kenya and across the continent discovered the real potential of their markets before it was too late.

The "Oga" Effect

Power Distance is a real issue. Entrepreneurs need to connect to influencers to move forward. Learn how founders across Africa went straight to the top of large organisations to make deals.


Learn from African founders who've raised money from investors and exited. But more importantly, learn how so many have grown without investors - through customer-funding like pre-payments, cashflow management, and consulting.


Being a newcomer often means proving yourself and hustling, even if you're more innovative than anything out there. Hear how different entrepreneurs have fast-forwarded their growth by creating and building trust with customers.

Marketing Channels

How many entrepeneurs do you know that market through churches? Or the radio? Or roadside stalls? The value of these channels are incredibly high. We learn exactly how people have made them work.


From Ushahidi to Hotels.ng, one of the most consistent high-growth strategies is creating a platform for other entrepreneurs to thrive. We look into diversity of platform models, and the practicalities to get them right.


From operator-specific app stores, to SMS, to Whatsapp marketing - we ask and learn what really works.

Changing landscapes

We're in a fast-changing environment, so new topics and new lessons are bound to emerge. We listen to you about your challenges, and find the right sources to guide you.

Real entrepreneurs like you

We go to the source, to both established successes and founders who are currently on the rise. Here's who we've learned from so far.

Eyram Tawia

Co-founder of Leti Arts
MEST Incubator

Askwar & Ruth Hilonga

Founders of Gongoli Model
Africa Prize 2015

Ayo Adigun

Founder of FlexiPay and DAA STEM Academy
Africa Prize 2015

Eric Hackman & Nelson Klutse

Fouders of Suba
MEST Incubator

Nana Agyeman-Prempeh

Co-founder of Asoriba
MEST Incubator

Godwin Abenbire Abene, Lady-Omega Hammond & Joel Armah

Co-founders of Wedlocker

Dr Oscar Kibazohi

Creator of clear banana juice technology
Africa Prize 2015

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